Overview of all the Family Trees

This project started back in the 1960s as a school project. Now with the internet, I have been filling in more and more information and have met a few distant cousins! Thank you for helping me build the family tree.

Where most family trees are simply a listing of the person's name, year of birth, spouse, year of death; to me that is not the person. I love searching newspapers and other artifacts to find out about the person. I have many facts to share. What can you share or add? Contact me.

With so many people, I have split the family tree into several branches. Each branch is easy to scan through and each page will return you here so that you can easily look at all the trees.

The Italian side

On the Italian side are the core families:

The Milone family, Sorrentino family and Pennisi families emigrated from Italy between 1893 and 1920. They settled in the Township of Hempstead, Nassau County, Long Island, New York in the neighboring towns of Rockville Centre, Baldwin, Oceanside and Freeport. These three families intermarried, therefore, some names overlap on the trees.

There are 7 Sorrentino family trees, one for each of Raffaele´s sons.

Details of the Sorrentino Family Tree

Start with an overview of the Sorrentino family tree.

There are family trees for each of Raffaele's sons.

The English / Irish side

On the English / Irish side are core families:

  • Halliday from Galway, Ireland
  • Donlon/Donlan from Manchester, England
  • Doran
  • Barry
  • Counihan

There is only one family tree that covers all these people.

Facts about some people

Sarah-Jane Donlon (Donlan) was born in Manchester, England. She is found at the Swinton Industrial School in Manchester, England in 1871. She may have had a brother, James Donlon, at the same school. Were they orphans? Why?

Her husband Patrick Halliday (Holladay, Holiday, and Holliday) was born Ireland. He immigrated in 1881. I have yet to find his ship's manifest. I first find him in New York City at 226 East 75th Street, Manhattan, in the 1900 US census.

Elizabeth Hetherton (born 1859) is a mystery. I have only found one reference to her maiden name. She married Thomas Doran, who was a letter carrier. They also lived in Manhattan, NY.

Other Researchers

Distant cousins are also gathering information about their relatives. They would love to hear from you too!

The Pennisi and Hecker Family Trees
Contact a Pennisi researcher. She has a lot of information on her Ancestry site. I do not have a tree available.

The Minei Family Tree
Here is a basic Minei family tree. Contact a Minei researcher for more details.

The Barry Family Tree
He is one of the many children of Eleanor Doran and William Barry. Last count he knew of 35 first cousins. Email me for his name and address.