Frequently Aksed Questions (FAQ) about website making

How To Start

A web site starts as an idea.

Information needs to be gathered and arranged by topic.

The presentation, including web layout and color scheme, needs to be planned.

Several steps later a site is coded, tested, and set onto the world wide web.

I will help you every step of the way, to create a web site that you will love!

How soon can I be on the web?

With your help in writing the text and supplying photographs that are ready to use, your web site will be up and running in about two weeks.

Contact me with your needs and ideas.

Upgrades and Updates

Upgrades and updates to existing pages, on a site I created, are charged by the hour.

If your site was created by someone else, I need to figure out how much work is needed to update your site.

Modification or overhaul: time and cost to modify or overhaul an existing web site, (one that I did not create), depends on what you present to me and what needs to be done.

Web Technologies & SEO

These change with time.

I know many tricks, all legal to search engines, that may bring your web site to the top of search engine listings.

Does your website respond to different user technologies (phones, tablets, pads, etc)? This one does!

It is called a "responsive website."

Web maker fees

As a client told me, "Good work is cheap; doing it wrong is expensive!" A price quote can not be given until we decide:

  • - how many pages are needed
  • - how much text you supply
  • - what special effects to include
  • - the web-ready condition of illustrations, photos

Can I get email service?

image of an envelope with a big e on it for emailYour email could be as simple and impressive as mybusiness @

Make it easy for your clients to remember a simple email address!


Have your potential customers contact you via a form. The contents get delivered to your email.

Websites I have made

Ask any of my past customers about my webmaking skills.

Here is a list of the websites I have made.

What about site statistics?

Access to statistics is also included.

You can monitor the number of visitors, country of origin, search words used to find you, and so much more!

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a web address; a "" . It is also called a URL (Universal Resource Locator).

Think of something that defines your web site. If no one else is using that domain name, it can be yours. The registering company does charge a modest fee for a yearly registration.

What is web hosting?

Once your site is made, it has to go onto a server to be seen on the world wide web. I use a Long Island, New York, based server. This is where your web site is hosted.

Hosting fee is dependent on web site size. My web hosting provider sets these fees. They are his charges.


Other concerns

Why you should have a website and answers to other questions you may have about the webmaking process.

Do not be hesitant to ask or suggest …

Web site making is not for the average person. I have been doing it for over 8 years. We will work together.


You can supply and/or I will take pictures of you and your business, and put them on your website.

We can link a video to your website.