Farmingdale Village Pops
members for 25 years or longer

There are some members of the Farmingdale Village Pops who are not yet 25 years old and others who have played with the group for 25 or more years. During the last concert of the season, those who have made 25 years are feted with a small ceremony and a proclamation.

As of summer 2017

35 years = Karen, Trumpet

32 years = Judy, flute; Michele, horn

27 years = Allan, clarinet; Jackie, flute

Honorary 25 year member = Bill, baritone

Karen, trumpet

Karen plays trumpet with the band

After 30 years, Karen had never won an ice cream raffle. One week, many people gave her their free ticket . She FINALLY did win that week! This picture is from 2013.

Judy, flute — Michele, horn

Judy and Michele receive their proclamations

Judy, flautist, and Michele, horn, both became 25-year members in year 2010. Thank you Sandra for this picture!

Jackie, flute

Information and a photo will be posted when available.

Allan, clarinet

Allan plays clarinet and has been our concert master for many years.

Allan plays in many groups across Long Island. This picture of Allan from is from 2011, where, as concertmaster, he gave us the tuning note.

Bill, baritone horn

Bill is an honorary 25 year member.

Bill retired and moved away just before he made 25 years. He was made an honorary 25 year member.